Cloud integration - Linking Software and Hardware


    Spearheading the collaboration between software algorithms and massive data with hardware chips and AI


    Developing core hardware and software technologies such as processors, algorithms, and operating systems, in the form of full stack integration. As well as shortening the development cycle by way of an inclusive, open chip platform.


    The new generation of an “cloud integrated” architecture that supports safe, real-time and reliable online operation of terminal devices, and promotes the flow of data between the cloud and terminals


    Through cooperating with global chip companies to develop chip customization for the IoT sub-industry, promoting the application of chips based on the T-Head infrastructure, and to build and develop a win-win ecological environment for all partners

Industrial Applications


Established in September 2018, T-Head Semiconductor Co. Ltd. provides secure, intelligent and inclusive integrated cloud computing architecture, with a focus on cloud computing chips and embedded chips. It utilizes advanced chip technology to optimize the way in which data is generated, transmitted and used in the physical world. Furthermore, it creates a new generation of technology systems based on cloud and terminal collaborative development, releasing computing power on both the cloud and terminals at the same time, and creating a new world of data.

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