Application driven, Platform enabled

For industrial applications, the CPU, chip platforms, OS systems and algorithm-based full stack technology enable efficient chip design with minimal further R&D.

6 Industrial Applications

  • Wireless Connectivity

    Security is the cornerstone for IoT data access. Convenience and diverse terminal-to-cloud connectivity is the infrastructure of IoT intelligent hardware. T-Head's wireless connection solution integrates a low-power RF chip platform, AliOS, and software & hardware secure technology, while supporting multiple connection methods, such as Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, LoRa and NB-IoT.

    Core Features

    • Security
    • Multiple Connection Methods
    • Configurable Components
  • Speech Recognition

    Speech interaction provides an efficient and convenient human-machine interface for IoT devices, and it is widely used in fields such as medical care, education and smart home appliances.T-Head's speech recognition solution consists of a voice enhancement processor, an energy-efficient chip platform, AliOS and a voice application framework. It integrates hardware modules such as low-power VAD, a speech recognition engine and a high-performance Codec. Core software algorithms include wake-on-voice, noise reduction, echo cancellation, and speech recognition. This provides the voice recognition device with full-stack technology that starts from the chip design to the product R&D stages.

    Core Features

    • Speech Enhancement Processor
    • Lightweight AI Engine
    • Real-time Operating System
  • Intelligent Vision

    Based on image sensing and AI calculations, machine vision is widely used in fields such as intelligent transportation, autonomous driving and public safety. Through high-performance CPUs and NPUs, an energy-efficiency heterogeneous chip platform, a visual software application framework and deployment tools, T-Head's machine vision solution creates vision chips and applications including low power and lightweight computing, real-time terminal computing and edge computing.

    Core Features

    • Heterogeneous Computing Architecture
    • Algorithm Automatic Deployment
    • Visual Application Framework
  • Smart Home Appliances

    Smart home appliances are gradually becoming the mainstream of home appliances with more and more appliances becoming interconnected to coordinate their applications. T-Head's smart appliance solutions are based on a low-power MCU platform and motor control algorithm. Once combined with wireless connections, speech recognition and intelligent vision solutions, the real and digital worlds can interconnect, making a better life for all.

    Core Features

    • Real-Time Motor Control
    • MCU Chip Platform
  • Industrial Control

    IoT and Big Data continue to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, but there is an urgent need to solve industrial control problems such as those involving real-time performance, reliability requirements and a long R&D cycle. T-Head's industrial control solution is based on a real-time processor, a reliable SoC platform, a trusted operating system and a component-control module. It supports a variety of real-time fieldbuses to ensure the reliable operation of industrial control systems.

    Core Features

    • Real-time Processor
    • Real-time Reliable Chip Platform
    • Trusted Operating System
  • IoT Security

    In the IoT era, potential security risks in device connection and data transmission have become an issue of concern. Based on CPU TEE technology, T-Head's IoT secure solution provides secure infrastructure such as storage scrambling, data encryption and trusted booting in the chip architecture, operating system and cloud services. It facilitates chip enterprises and terminal manufacturers to quickly build up secure capabilities.

    Core Features

    • Secure Chip Architecture
    • Trusted Operating System
    • Cloud Integrated Secure System