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Cloud Computing Service
With the development of artificial intelligence industry, the demand for AI computing power is being raised up. The cloud-based IaaS service can dynamically supply the required computing resource by users. Currently, T-Head Hanguang 800 cloud server has been launched in Alibaba Cloud. When Hanguang 800 is used on Alibaba Cloud X-dragon computing platform, the wider deployment can be realized to improve productivity. Hanguang 800 has its advantages such as extraordinary AI inference performance, low cost and high energy efficiency. It can support the popular deep learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet and ONNX. And with deep optimization of universal model, Hanguang 800 can be widely applied to voice, picture, video and other AI inference services, thus providing customers with the super-high cost-effective inference solutions. Please log on Alibaba Cloud for more information about Hanguang 800 cloud server.
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Intelligent Search of E-commerce
Search and recommendation are main two modes of information interaction between platform users and commodities, as two natural flow inlets in E-commerce platform. The search and recommendation algorithm has always been developed around the connection between commodities and people and the relevant commercial appeal, from the initial statistical model and machine learning to the complete off-line and on-line and real-time deep learning and intelligent decision system, and to realize better matching, wider connection and better search experience. Hanguang 800 can support multiple intelligent search algorithms, such as CVR, CTR, and with its powerful inferential computing power, could obviously improve the efficiency of E-commerce search algorithm. Currently, Hanguang 800 has been commercially launched in a large scale. During the Tmall Double 11 Carnival in 2020, it successfully supported the Taobao’s search and other service.
E-commerce Marketing
E-commerce platform is a platform with media and consumption, so multiple marketing modes are derived. With the constant customer behavior data accumulation and technical advancement of E-commerce industry, the E-commerce marketing is innovating and updating and the intelligent trend is increasingly apparent. Taking Alimama as an example, there are more than 5 billion promotion traffic and 0.3 billion commodities promotion every day. Hanguang 800 is able to support the computation requirement of multiple E-commerce intelligent marketing business such as targeted advertising search, advertise sequencing, etc., and can greatly improve the computing cost performance. Currently, Hanguang 800 has been successfully launched in Alimama to provide reliable and high efficient computing power supports.