Wujian Visual AI Platform

T-Head's Wujian visual AI platform utilizes a CPU and NPU heterogeneous computing architecture, integrating high-performance DDR, high-speed data transmission PCIe and USB interfaces. It further supports online performance analysis of hardware, which helps customers quickly create visual AI products in low power consumption, edge server and other similar application scenarios.

Architecture Features

  • Storage and Interface: 64-bit 3200Mbps LPDDR4, PCIe3/4, USB3.0, GMAC

  • AI Calculation: Provides scalable computing power from 100 GOPS to 100 TOPS according to different application scenarios with terminal-side servers and edge servers

  • Low power Consumption: Meets the requirements of low-power image and visual AI application scenarios. Standby power consumption as low as 10uA.

  • Hardware online performance analysis: Online debugging analysis and optimization focuses on bus bandwidth and storage performance for different application scenarios

  • NN Unified Interface Standard: Supports one-click compilation, deployment and debugging of AI applications

  • Full-stack Software Solution: Using Linux, the algorithm library and terminal to cloud collaborative algorithms make the myriad of IoT terminals more intelligent

Industrial Applications