Wujian MCU Platform

T-Head's Wujian MCU platform with ultra-low power consumption is developed on the basis of a secure system framework and CSI standard software interface. It supports full-stack agile development from hardware to software to the system, and helps customers create MCU products suitable for ultra-low power consumption.

Architecture Features

  • Low power consumption: User-defined power consumption scenarios, with standby power consumption of less than 1uA, and operating power consumption of less than 100uA/MHz

  • Secure: Based on a TEE-capable CPU, embedded with unique identifiable ID, trusted boot, scrambled storage and trusted on the cloud

  • Real-time performance: The event trigger module uses hardware to improve the real-time performance of interrupt processing and avoid the participation of CPU software

  • API interface: CSI standard API interface fast adapter chip

  • Operating system: The trusted operating system and the non-trusted operating system run simultaneously and are isolated from each other

  • Cloud integration: Cloud integration is achieved with AliOS + cloud access + secure access between the cloud and the terminal

Industrial Applications