E804 utilizes a 3 to 4-stage variable-length pipeline and a scalar DSP computing engine, and can be optionally equipped with a floating point unit and secure execution technology to enhance system security. It is suitable for application fields with certain requirements on computing power, such as audio, voice, and motor control.

Architecture Features

  • Instruction set: T-Head ISA (32-bit/16-bit variable-length instruction set)

  • Pipeline: 3 to 4-stage variable length pipeline

  • General register: 32 32-bit GPRs

  • Bus interface: Tri-bus (instruction bus + data bus + system bus)

  • Memory protection: 0 to 8 optional protection zones

  • Tight coupling IP: Interrupt controller and timer

  • Floating point engine: Optional single-precision floating point unit

  • DSP engine: scalar DSP engine, supporting 8-bit/16-bit/32-bit data types

Featured Technology

  • Secure execution technology: Resists any hardware and software attacks, and increases system security

  • Low-power cache: Reduces system memory access latency, and improves memory efficiency

  • Dynamic adjustment of interrupt priority: Enhances real-time performance of the system, and implements interrupt priority inversion in specific scenarios

  • Cycle acceleration technology: Improves the processing capacity of short cycle programs, and eliminates branch performance loss

  • Data prefetching technology: Improves bus bandwidth utilization, and adapts to large data application scenarios

Architecture Diagram

Industrial Applications