C807 utilizes an 8-stage pipeline and dual-issue superscalar architecture, with a standard memory management unit, and can run Linux and other operating systems.

Architecture Features

  • Instruction set: T-Head ISA (32-bit/16-bit variable-length instruction set)

  • Pipeline: 8-stage

  • Microarchitecture: Dual-issue, lightweight, out-of-order

  • General register: 32 32-bit GPRs

  • Cache: I-cache: 16 KB/32 KB/64 KB (size options); D-cache: 16 KB/32 KB/64 KB (size options)

  • Bus interface: Dual bus (system bus + peripheral bus)

  • Memory protection: On-chip memory management unit supports hardware backfilling

  • Floating point engine: Supports single and double precision floating point operations

Featured Technology

  • Lightweight out-of-order execution: Lightweight out-of-order execution architecture based on a distributed reservation station to improve instruction-level parallelism

  • Low power cache access: Cache access filter to reduce the power consumption during operation

  • Hybrid branch processing: Hybrid processing technology including branch direction, function return address and indirect jump address prediction to improve fetching efficiency

Architecture Diagram

Industrial Applications