I805 adopts 4-stage in-order pipeline, AI and DSP-oriented vector compute engine, and low-latency tightly coupled memory (TCM) to provide outstanding data throughout, which is applicable to areas that have a certain requirement on computing power, such as audio encoding and decoding, voice processing, lightweight deep learning network and so on.
Architecture Features
Instruction set
XuanTie ISA
(32-bit/16-bit variable-length instruction system)
4-stage in-order pipeline
General purpose register
32 32-bit GPR
16 128-bit VGPR
Optional 8KB-64KB I-Cache
Optional 8KB-64KB D-Cache
Tightly coupled memory (TCM)
Optional 4KB~1MB I-TCM
Optional 4KB~1MB D-TCM
TCM slave interface
32-bit TCM slave access interface
Bus interface
Double bus
(64-bit system bus 32-bit low latency peripheral bus)
Memory protection
Optional 0~8 protection regions
Scalar compute engine
32-bit Mini SIMD computing unit
Vector compute engine
128-bit vector SIMD computing unit
Tightly coupled IP
Interrupt controller, timer
Floating point engine
Single-precision floating-point unit
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Technical Features
Vector compute engine
Improve computing parallelism, accelerated AI and other application scenarios
Low latency TCM
Expand memory bandwidth, adapt to data-intensive computing scenario
High-performance unaligned memory access
DSP/AI-oriented unaligned memory access acceleration
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