Privacy Agreement
(May [31], 2021)

T-head Semiconductor Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “T-head”) respects and protects the information of users and will treat the information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. When you use the official website of T-head (hereinafter referred to as the "website"), you agree that we will collect, process and disclose your information in accordance with this Agreement.

Before you browse this Website and obtain any technical information on this website, you must read this Privacy Agreement (hereinafter referred to as this “Agreement”) carefully and agree all terms and conditions under this Agreement. This Agreement will take effect immediately and be binding on you after you choose to agree.

I. Scope of application

1.1. This privacy policy is applicable to all functions and services of the website. The functions and services include those provided for you to browse the website and obtain and download technical data and those provided for you through the website.

II. Collection and use of user information

2.1. Help you to obtain the technical data on the website

Before you obtain and download technical data from the Website, you agree to provide us with your name, the name of the company you work or serve, your position in the company, your mobile phone and email, and other contact information. Except for the information directly provided for and disclosed by you, we will not actively collect your personal information. The email address you submit will be used to accept the verification code when you log in, and as one of the contact methods designated by you to receive relevant service notifications (such as event promotion, service change, etc.), and for us or our affiliates to make marketing promotion and product promotion and send service notice to you or communicate service with you. If you do not want to receive such marketing promotion, product promotion, service notice or communication, you can contact us through the methods as described in the paragraph [8.6].

2.2. You agree that we can use the information you submit for the following purposes:

2.3.1. Promote and introduce related products or activities to you as permitted by laws and regulations;

2.3.2. Help us to improve the functions and services of the Website;

2.3.3. Other purposes approved by you.

III. Sharing, transfer and public disclosure of user information

3.1. Sharing

You agree that we can share your user information with other organizations and individuals under the following circumstances:

3.1.1. Sharing with the express consent: we will share your user information with other parties only after obtaining your express consent;

3.1.2. Sharing under legal situation: we may share your user information with external parties as needed by laws, regulations, litigation and arbitration, or as required by administrative or judicial organs;

3.1.3. Sharing with the affiliates: we may entrust our affiliates to provide services, so we may share some of your user information with our affiliates in order to provide better service and optimize user experience. We will only share your user information for legal, legitimate, necessary, specific, and clear purposes, and will only share the user information required for the provision of the services.

3.2. Transfer

You agree that we shall transfer your user information to any company, organization and individual under the following circumstances:

3.2.1. Transfer with express consent: we will transfer your user information to other parties only after obtaining your express consent;

3.2.2. In the event of our combination, acquisition, or bankruptcy liquidation with other legal entities, or other situations involved with combination, acquisition, or bankruptcy liquidation, if the transfer of user information is involved, we will require the new company or organization that hold your user information to continue to be bound by this Agreement; otherwise we will require the company, organization and individual to re-obtain your authorization and consent.

3.3. Public disclosure

You agree that we can disclose your user information under the following circumstances:

3.3.1. After obtaining your express consent or based on your active choice, we may disclose your user information;

3.3.2. In order to protect the personal and property safety of the website and its affiliates’ users or the public, we may disclose your user information in accordance with applicable laws or the website-related agreements and rules.

3.4. Exceptions when the prior authorization is obtained before sharing, transferring, and disclosing user information

You acknowledge and understand that your prior authorization is not required when sharing, transferring, and disclosing your user information in the following situations:

3.4.1. When it is related to national security and national defense security;

3.4.2. When it is related to public safety, public health, and major public interest;

3.4.3. When it is related to criminal investigation, prosecution, judgment, and execution of judgment;

3.4.4. When it is to protect your or other life, property and other major legitimate rights and interests, but it is difficult to obtain your consent;

3.4.5. When it belongs to the personal information disclosed to the public on your own;

3.4.6. When it belongs to the personal information disclosed legally by legal news report, government information disclosure and other channels.

IV. Security of user information

4.1. We attach great importance to your information security. We endeavor to take a variety of reasonable physical, electronic and administrative measures to protect your user information from unauthorized access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss. We will use encryption to improve the security of user information; we will use trusted protection mechanisms to protect user information from malicious attacks; we will deploy access control mechanisms to ensure the authorized access to user information; and we will organize security and privacy protection training to strengthen employees’ awareness of the importance of protecting user information.

4.2. We will take all reasonable and feasible measures to avoid collecting irrelevant user information. We will only retain your user information for the period required to achieve the purpose stated in this Agreement, unless the retention period needs to be extended or otherwise permitted by laws. After the above retention period, we will delete or anonymize your personal information.

4.3. We will try our best to ensure the security of any information you send to us. If our physical, technical or administrative protection facilities are damaged to result in unauthorized access, public disclosure, tampering or destruction of information, thus damaging your legitimate rights and interests, we will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

4.4. In the event of user information security incident (leakage, loss, etc.), we will promptly notify you as required by laws and regulations: basic situation and possible impact of the security incident, disposal measures we have taken or will take, suggestions that you can prevent and reduce risks on your own, and remedial measures for you, etc. We will promptly inform you about the incident by email, letter, telephone, notice, etc. If it is difficult to inform the user information subject one by one, we will take reasonable and effective measure to post an announcement.

4.5. We will also report the handling of user information security incident in accordance with the requirements of supervision department.

4.6. We will store your user information within the territory of the People's Republic of China. If your personal information is required to be transmitted overseas due to business needs in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, we will obtain your prior consent and inform you of the purpose, recipient, security measure, security risk, etc.

4.7. In the event that our website stops operation, we will take reasonable measures to protect the security of your user information. For example, we will timely stop collecting user information, inform users of such stop one by one or in announcement, and we will delete or anonymize the personal information we hold.

4.8. Before we use user information beyond the purpose stated when collecting user information or outside the directly or reasonably relevant range, we will inform you again and obtain your express consent.

V. Management of user information

5.1 Search, correct and supplement your information

You have the right to search, correct or supplement your information