The “Development of New IoT Devices From the Edge to the Cloud” Was Held as Part of the T-Head Electronic Design Cup

2019/04/02 来自 T-Head

The contestants shall complete registration via the Tianchi Platform. The organizing committee will then contact with the team leader for the subsequent contest registration procedures. The information of each participating team shall be verified by the graduate's institution.


>Registration deadline: Midnight. June 20, 2019

>Regional rounds: April to June 2019

>Registration and preparation

>Preliminary heats: July 2019

>On-site review and meeting review

>Finals: August 2019

On-site final review and prize presentation



Postgraduates in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan (including current graduates), senior undergraduates who have obtained postgraduate admission (postgraduate recommendation and admission certificates from the university are required), and postgraduates from overseas universities may participate in the competition.

*Only teams may be registered, individual registration is not accepted.


>Registration enquires and university/enterprise (Holly)

>T-Head Electronic Design Cup Technology exchange group (DingTalk group No.: 23125480)


Experiences from previous participants.

>Zhuang Shengbin, Fuzhou University  National Third Prize in the Technology Group of the 12th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest, National First Prize in the Business College Group

The Electronics Design Contest itself requires not only strong innovation, professional and practical abilities, but it also requires the contestant to communicative effectively and use logical thinking. The contest is also presentation stage, so completing the work itself is not enough. You need to demonstrate its worth to the judges. A team is a prerequisite for the contest, so be careful in whom you select to work together with.In my opinion, never do a project because you want to participate in the contest, but participate in the contest because you are researching a project.


>Cao Weijie, Xidian University National Special Prize in the Technology Group of the 12th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest

The fundamental factor to determine whether a project can win a prize is whether it has value.The value here includes the practical value and innovation points of the project.The practical value refers to what problem the project can solve and whether this problem is a pain point for users.The innovation of the project is to use a new method to solve a problem that could not be solved well in the past or to solve a new problem with existing technology.Undertaking research is not always smooth, and graduate life should reflect that challenge. Choosing a project will increase project experience, make the process more interesting and greatly improve your scientific research ability, so why not try it?


>Zhao Feng, Hunan University  First Prize in the Technology Category in the 13th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest

The China Graduate Electronics Design Contest, is a memorable experience.The contest is always full of twists and turns, ups and downs. Not everyone can have time to adapt to them. We can never focus on one thing all the time, but when you do have a free moment, make the most of the opportunity.Experiencing setbacks is not always such a bad thing, and as we are often instructed, "there are always more methods than difficulties". Scientific research can be difficult, but also enjoyable. The whole schedule of the contest is very intense, but our team had just about the right amount of time. Perseverance is not sure to bring you hope, but there is sure to be no hope without perseverance.


>Jiao Bixuan and Fei Haifeng, Nanjing University of Science and Technology | First prize in the Technology Category of the 13th China Graduate Electronics Design Contest

Four or five years ago, there were some girls who began their journey to university. Then four or five years later, they determined their own path into scientific research. They entered the Institute of Electro-Optics together, starting their travel as graduates.Postgraduate study is no longer about rote learning, or reading and examination. Everyone can choose their own way, whether this is to follow a routine of having classes, reading papers, and then graduating securely; or to continue to challenge, innovate and achieve self-improvement.Facing such a choice, the five members of "Peppa-Pig" gave the same answer. They believed that only by constantly exploring and challenging themselves can they realize their value to a greater extent.